Our Faith


Schools in our board are unique because they provide learning experiences to students that emphasize our Catholic beliefs and values. At our school, you can see and witness our Catholic identity when you walk through the doors or speak to our staff and students. Here are some of the ways that you can see our faith celebrated at St. Peter's Catholic Secondary School.

  • Prayers and scripture are taught and integrated into school life, and we frequently celebrate Mass as a community.
  • We have a direct and meaningful connection with our school parish.
  • We support our parish in getting students prepared for their sacraments.
  • We encourage social justice, respect for life and responsibility for all God's creations through our classroom teachings and extra-curricular activities.
  • Our Catholic beliefs and values are integrated into curriculum teachings. Regardless of whether it is science, English or religion class, the information we teach our students is infused with our Gospel values.
  • Our school has a chapel to provide students with a place to reflect and celebrate our faith.
  • Our faith is reflected through religious symbols that are visible throughout our school.


One of the great benefits of attending St. Peter's Catholic Secondary School is that chaplaincy services are available to you on-site throughout the school year. We have a chaplaincy team leader who is there to serve your spiritual needs.

Promoting Spiritual Development
Our chaplaincy team leader coordinates a wide range of activities that  helps promote the spiritual development of students and staff at our school: 

  • prepare and leads prayer and classroom chapel visits in the school. They organize eucharistic celebrations and prepares for the observation and celebration of the special seasons and feasts that take place in our Church’s liturgical year
  • maintains an important link with St. John Vianney Parish.
  • oversees our school’s retreat program 
  • fosters an awareness of social justice and encourages students to respond
Connection to You
Our chaplaincy team leader will work to enhance your learning experience by focusing on Gospel values and Catholic Christian attitudes through work in the classroom, during school liturgies and planned retreat experiences.  

They are also available for spiritual direction and support. Students who experience loss due to a death, separation or divorce in their family or any other issue can find great comfort and support by turning to the school chaplaincy team leader. By having our chaplaincy team leader as part of the high school resource team, we are able to focus on the school community's spiritual development. 

Our Chaplaincy Team Leader is - Ms. Lemay

Our School Parish

Our School Parish is St. John Vianney Church located at  

13 Baldwin Lane
Barrie ON
L4N 2W1

Phone: 1 (705) 726-8007

Fax: 1 (705) 726-4543

[email protected]