Learning Commons


Who Can Use The Learning Commons?

  • Anyone in need of support (at the teacher’s discretion)

  • Different students thrive in different environments. Some do well with the open space and learning environment of the LC, some require the more quiet environment of Resource

  • There are some students that are assigned to Student Success

  • There are some students that are assigned to Resource

Why Would Students Use The Learning Commons?

  • To print assignments

  • To use the computers to complete assignments

  • For one on one support

  • Students may be called down by the student success team if they are at risk (have missed many days, been identified as at risk by the classroom teacher etc). In this case they will be given time to catch up on missing assignments and help with organization or study skills

  • Students on spare may use the space for a quiet study area

Why Students Might Not Be Able To Use The Learning Commons

  • If they had nothing to do in class (I already finished what the class was working on so my teacher sent me out of class)

  • If parents have excused them from one class to study for another

  • If they are not working or being disruptive in the Learning Commons

  • As a lounge (some students come in on spares and lunch to relax on the bean bag chairs. This is fine but if they are being disruptive, they will have to leave)

  • If the room is too full, we may have to send students away

    • Please remember, students don’t tend to work effectively in packs. Try to limit the number that you send down to five


How Will We Track Students?

  • STUDENTS MUST ALWAYS REPORT TO CLASS FIRST and get a permission slip, signed by the teacher in order to enter the Learning Commons


  • Students must RETURN TO CLASS AT THE END OF THE PERIOD (will be sent back in last ten minutes)

  • They will deliver any work that they have completed to the teacher at this time (with some exceptions)

  • If they do not come back or times on slip don’t work, the office will be contacted

What Are Our Roles?


  • MLA and APA help

  • English help gr 9-12 (editing essays, help organizing essays etc)

  • French help gr 9-12

  • Gatekeepers (monitor who comes in and out of the library and make sure their slips are collected and sent back)

  • Library Resources can be found HERE

Resource Support 

  • Will perform specific duties for Special Ed/Resource students
  • When possible, will also help with functions of the Student Success Team 

Student Success  

  • Individual help for students in math period 1 and period 4
  • Will make contact with students that have been identified as at-risk

  • Can go in to specific classrooms to support teachers

  • Individual help for students

  • Tracking attendance

  • Contact teachers to identify students in need

  • Contact with home, guidance and administration

How Do We Use The Chromebook Carts and Back Space?


Chromebook Carts:

  • we have one cart that can be signed out.

Back Class Space

  • The back corner of the library can be booked to be used as a class. When this happens, you can receive support from the Student Success Teachers when in this room and you also have access to the chromebook cart that stays in the library.

  • When not booked by a class, this will be a quiet study area