Credit Recovery

Credit Recovery and Alternative Education

In our competitive employment market, it is very important for you to obtain your Ontario Secondary School Diploma. We recognize that every student learns differently and we respect those differences. If it has become difficult for you to achieve credits in the traditional manner, our schools offer credit recovery and alternative education opportunities to help you succeed.

Credit Recovery

Credit recovery programs are designed to help students earn credits that they were previously unsuccessful in obtaining. Research shows that students who do not achieve at least 16 credits by age 16 are at greater risk of dropping out of high school. We can often identify disengaged students by looking at the number of credits they have accumulated by a certain point in high school. Credit recovery programs enable us to help students who have a credit deficit by giving them an opportunity to recover lost credits. 

This program has been successful because students become motivated by an opportunity to “catch up” and they subsequently become re-engaged in school. The program is designed to accelerate the accumulation of credits for our students who are at risk of not graduating. 

Alternative Education

Some students have difficulty succeeding in a traditional classroom or school environment and may benefit from an alternative educational experience. This often includes students who are returning to school after having dropped out. There is a wide range of opportunities available to help students become re-engaged in the school experience. These opportunities:

  • Use innovative approaches to help students earn credits
  • Provide emotional or social support
  • May involve on-line learning, cooperative education or modularized course delivery
  • Typically involve strong connections to the workplace and/or community agencies

If you would like more information about credit recovery or alternative education, please visit your guidance counsellor.