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Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test

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Resources for the Grade 10 Literacy Test can be found online HERE
Link to the current dates for the OSSLT and the grade 9 Math tests

OSSLT Tips and practice videos - courtesy of SWAT - can be found on the SWAT youtube channel HERE. Be sure to subscribe

MARCH 27, 2019 Literacy Test Alternate Bus Schedule: 

  • All regular school buses will run their regular schedule in the morning to pick‐up students writing the Literacy test. 
  • All regular school buses will make a second morning run exactly three and a
    half (3 ½) hours later
     than their regularly scheduled morning pick‐up times to pick‐up students who are not writing the OSSLT at their regular designated bus stops.
  • All school buses will run their regular schedule in the afternoon to return all students home.

St. Peter's Catholic Gets Ready for the OSSLT (Literacy Test)

The OSSLT will take place on Wednesday, March 27, 2019 at the school.  All Grade 10 and Previously Eligible students will write the test from 8:00 am until 11:00 am that day.  The rest of the student body will be on a modified school day. 

How will the school help your son or daughter be successful on the test?

1)  After-school Literacy Course – will begin in February and will run for 6 weeks leading up to the test date.  The course is strongly encouraged for those students in the Applied pathway. Transportation will not be provided.  Permission forms are available in the library.  The course is free of charge.  Students are to see Ms. Heran or Ms. Ifill for more details.

2)  Literacy Lunches (A & B) – will begin in February and will run every day during lunch in the Student Support Centre (Rm 170) and the Library up until the week of the actual test.  Students may complete sample task booklets and receive one-on-one support during their lunch period.

3) In class practice sessions – In addition to an Information Assembly, every Grade 10 student will receive a two-week test preparation package which they will complete with their various Gr. 10 teachers over the course of two weeks leading up to the test date.

4) Previously Eligible students (includes students who were absent or deferred last year, or were unsuccessful in their previous attempt, or came from out of province) will receive practice booklets from Ms. Ifill and two practice sessions during Semester Two.

5) An OSSLT Parent Information Night was held at the school in the school library 

Visit the EQAO website at for sample test questions, student tips, and other resources.

The test consists of several reading selections: informational documents, short stories, dialogue pieces, and graphic texts (brochures, diagrams, etc.). Students will need to answer multiple choice and short answer questions, as well as write brief summaries, based on this reading. Students will also have to write two longer pieces: the newspaper article and a series of paragraphs expressing an opinion.

As we get closer to test day, every student will be receiving specific instructions about where to write and what to bring, as well as the Be Ready, Be Informed package from the EQAO website to help them prepare. Our school will be examining/completing practice tests in many Grade 10 classes to give the students an idea of what the test will be like. These test pieces will be marked and returned so that the Grade 10's can see what skills they need to practice before writing the test. Every grade 10 teacher will also be assisting in the preparation for the test by spending some class time going through sections of the Don’t Panic Literacy Preparation Workbook, and discussing tips about reading different kinds of text and answering different kinds of questions. Any students who wish to prepare at home can check out the EQAO website (, which provides copies of old tests, practice tests and sample answers – just follow the prompts to Student and Parent Resources at the top of the webpage.
We wish all our students Good Luck on the OSSLT test this year!